strong to the last sip.

The amount of plastic that ends up in our oceans each year is equivalent to stacking five plastic grocery bags full of plastic trash on every single foot of coastline around the world. While straws may only be a small part of the problem, they are one of the most dangerous polluters. Their small size means they entangle marine animals, and are easily consumed by fish and eventually end up in our own food chain.

While the real dream might be that we all go ‘straw-less’, the reality is that consumers and businesses are going to continue to use straws. In the US alone, over 500 million straws are used per day - that's enough to fill 127 school buses every single day! Certified to be Reef and Ocean Friendly and recognized by the Compost Manufacturing Alliance, each Aardvark paper straw has the ability to decompose in just 30-60 days, and in a marine environment each paper straw will naturally break down within 6 months.

Additionally, every single straw is made using natural cellulose paper crafts from sustainable FSC/SFI papers making Aardvark one of the only straw companies to be recognized by the Sustainable Forest Initiative. They are the only paper straws on the market that are made in the USA, using only FDA compliant, food-grade materials and are both marine degradable and compostable. Aardvark’s durables straws reduce plastic pollution by breaking down quickly in most environments.

By opting to use a truly degradable and compostable straw, you are helping to reduce one of the most potent plastic polluters in our seas and oceans, meaning you can sit back, and sip with conscience.
— Plastic Free Reef Founders